Our Summer in Provence 2014

Lea, Adrian, and their little brother Theo, born deaf, go on holiday in Provence with their grandfather, Paul "Oliveron" they never met because of a family quarrel. It is not the holidays they dreamed, especially their father announced yesterday that he was leaving the house. In less than 24 hours, it is the clash of generations between teenagers and a grandfather they believe psycho. A wrong. Because the turbulent past will resurface and Paul Seventies will land deep in the Alpilles. During this summer tormented both generations will be processed one by the other.

Provence 2018

A summer vacation in Provence proves a turning point for 11-year-old Camille and her older brother Tuur.

Summer in Provence 2013

Lily, a Chinese girl brought up in strict Chinese tradition, meets Tom, a painter living with his four models in Provence, France. Although Tom is secretly condemned by an incurable disease, the painter passes his love of life and dreams to this young woman. Unexpected events awake Lily's senses and enable her to leave her "good girl" life to discover the real meaning of life.

Beitar Provence 2002

The story of a little town, Givat Zurim, and its lowest-ranked soccer team. The lot for the quarterfinal of the national championship set Beitar Givat Zurim to host no less than Maccabi Tel Aviv, one of the best teams around. Those ten days until the game, and the historical arrival of Maccabi's players, will not be easily forgotten.

The Grocer's Son 2007

Antoine Sforza, a thirty-year-old young man, left his village ten years before in order to start a new life in the big city, but now that his father, a traveling grocer, is in hospital after a stroke, he more or less reluctantly accepts to come back to replace him in his daily rounds.

The Virtuous Bigamist 1956

The Provence, somewhere in the 1950's. Paul Verdier, traveling salesman, leaves his home and his quarrelsome wife for his weekly round. On the train he meets a young woman, Marie, who looks a little lost. No wonder. Marie is pregnant but lacks the customary husband. She's returning to her village but is not exactly looking forward to the confrontation with her parents and the villagers, all pretty conservative people. After getting to know Paul a little better (for which there is ample time during the trip by train and bus) Marie decides to ask Paul to act as her husband, just to allay the suspicions of her family. After some hesitating Paul accepts, charmed by the girl and unaware of the complications such is bound to cause to his own life.

Bed and Breakfast 2003

To escape the stress and strains of city life, Carole and Bertrand decide to move to Provence and take over the gite owned by their friend Sophie.

Cezanne in Provence 2006

Explore the life and art of post-impressionist painter Paul Cézanne in this PBS documentary shot on location in Provence, France, and at Washington, D.C.'s National Gallery of Art. Art critics and historians examine the influence of the French landscape on Cézanne's work. Visit some of the sites depicted in his works, such as Montagne Sainte-Victoire and Atelier des Lauves, and marvel at his masterful use of light, color and perspective. Narrated by Jacqueline Bisset.

The Legend of Provence 1913

A foundling is raised in a convent and becomes a nun there, until she falls in love with a wounded soldier under her care. When she leaves the convent, a statue of the Virgin Mary comes to life and assumes the girl's appearance to carry on her work.

Jean de Florette 1986

In a rural French village, an old man and his only remaining relative cast their covetous eyes on an adjoining vacant property. They need its spring water for growing their flowers, and are dismayed to hear that the man who has inherited it is moving in. They block up the spring and watch as their new neighbour tries to keep his crops watered from wells far afield through the hot summer. Though they see his desperate efforts are breaking his health and his wife and daughter's hearts, they think only of getting the water.

A Musical Journey: France: Paris, Burgundy, Provence, Loire, Brittany, Normandy

With this installment of the series, viewers are led on a fascinating tour of some of France's most scenic regions while enjoying Chopin's piano concertos. Stops include a visit to the medieval Benedictine Abbey on Mont Saint-Michel island, an exploration of the Loire Valley's many stately castles and a look at the architectural wonders of the Roman aqueducts of Provence. And, of course, there's the magic and allure of Paris.

My Mother's Castle 1990

My Mother's Castle (Le chateau de ma mere) is a sequel and companion piece to My Father's Glory (La Gloire de Mon Pere), both based on the childhood recollections of Marcel Pagnol. Like its predecessor, the movie explores the adventures of the young Marcel (Julien Ciamaca) during his summers at the family summer home in Provence.

Rue de Blues - Postcards From Provence 2001

This documentary looks into the life of a musician who has traded one continent (and its history) for another, while never losing sight of his music. The film weaves Mr. Blair's story with glimpses of the beautiful Provence region where the swing of New Orleans and brilliant hues of the south of France come together.

One, Two, Two: 122, rue de Provence 1978

Romance takes a back seat to drama in this movie depicting life at the once-fashionable Parisian bordello known by its address 122 Rue de Provence. Patronized by the wealthy and powerful, this elegant house of prostitution featured a top-ranked restaurant and specialized rooms for men with unusual tastes: a railroad carriage room, a stable room, etc. In the story, two young people "on the make" bump into each other as they are arriving in the same rail station. Though attracted to one another, they are deliberately vague about their destinations. He is headed for a diplomatic career, she is an ambitious young prostitute who wants to work at the best house in France. Later, they meet at 122 Rue de Provence.

Rigoletto - Festival d'Aix-en-Provence 2014

In celebration of Verdi's 200th birthday in 2013, the Festival d’Aix-en-Provence produced the composer's colorful masterpiece Rigoletto for the first time in its history. Verdi expert Gianandrea Noseda conducted the London Symphony Orchestra in a production that marked the return of the Canadian stage director Robert Carsen to the festival following a 17 year hiatus. Carsen sets his interpretation of this classic opera in the cutthroat world of the circus. Based on Victor Hugo's play Le roi s’amuse, Verdi's opera in three acts Rigoletto premiered in 1851. Similar to the play that inspired it, the opera faced censorship because of its controversial subject of libertinism at court. The opera’s tragic story revolves around the licentious Duke of Mantua, his hunchbacked court jester Rigoletto, and the jester’s beautiful daughter, Gilda.

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