Tom and Jerry Tales, Vol. 5 2008

Volume 5 feeds your need for speed - and animated insanity - as our the combative, competitive and comedic cat and mouse crank things up in classic battle form. Tom becomes a "Jerry Buster" at a Monster Convention using Van Helsing's box of ghostly gadgets, a Bigfoot hunter in another outrageous outing tracking down a silly Sasquatch, a lifeguard-in-training with deadpanning co-star Droopy and a sneaky surfer who rubs one ornery shark the wrong way, all to Jerry's delight. With 12 totally terrific cartoons on tap, let the fun times roll.

Tom and Jerry Tales, Vol. 1 2006

They're back on TV with their first animated series in 30 years -- and their chase capers are as nutty and neverending as ever. With Tom and Jerry Tales Vol. 1, you can enjoy their most most catfighting, roughmousing new adventures over and over again on DVD! Through 12 cartoon capers full of fur-flying, fun-packing chases and calamities, Tom and Jerry are still ever-determined to beat each other to the matter what it takes!

Tom and Jerry Tales, Vol. 3 2007

With a Special Bonus Episode included, there's now a fabulous 15 cartoons in this volume of the cat-and-mouse team's latest and greatest adventures. Look out for ghastly ghosts and menacing mummies, and laugh so hard you'll be in prehisterics when Tom and Jerry encounter everything from dimwitted dinosaurs and cranky cavemen to robot cats and oddball aliens. Feline fur's gonna fly - and so will an awful lot of fun for fans all ages!

Tom and Jerry Tales, Vol. 6 2009

When Tom and Jerry scrap, chase and collide, they cover quite a bit of geography, witness a lot of history and play silly sports aplenty, as the 15 crazy cartoons of Volume 6 prove. Learn how the Declaration of Independunce and the first airplane flew into being. Music rules in three melodic misadventures including Kitty Cat Blues, a furocious Flamenco dance-off and a hip-hoppin` feud between Tom and DJ Jerry. This volume runs hot and cold with some roaring lion lunacy in Africa, tail-kicking kangaroo action in the Australian Outback, chilly silliness involving The Abominable Snowmouse, cockeyed hockey and an all-out snowball war. Get ready to travel to your fun zone with everyone's favorite cat-and-mouse team.

Tom and Jerry Tales, Vol. 4 2008

Everyone's favorite cat and mouse are back with 12 cartoon shorts from the popular Kids WB TV series. Vol. 4 finds Tom chasing Jerry through a variety of locations from a Sultan's palace to the jungles of Africa. The duo even get super powers in three of the shorts taking their classic chase to new heights!

Tom and Jerry Tales 2006

Tom and Jerry Tales is an animated television series which began production in 2005 and premiered in the United States on September 23, 2006, and ended on March 22, 2008, on Kids' WB!. It is the fourth television show in the franchise that continues the chase and violence of the Oscar-winning cat and mouse duo and other characters since the first Tom and Jerry cartoon, Puss Gets the Boot. It is based on the famous cat and mouse, Tom and Jerry, and the cartoons in the 1940s and 1950s. Cartoon Network has been airing re-runs of the series as of November 21, 2011.

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