Love Drifts

A pregnant woman and a man both wish to escape themselves, but they don’t want the other to leave. Failing to communicate with each other, they get lost in the big empty house they just bought, waiting for a new beginning. Love Drifts observes those times in which we look for meaning, the attempt to reconnect, reminisce and mourn about past lives and new ones…

The Sound Drifts

Hypnotising audio tracks dance to the soundtrack of Canapa’s previous film Jérôme Noetinger, for which Canapa filmed a solo performance by the French sound artist. As a member of the renowned Cellule d'intervention Metamkine, Noetinger manipulates magnetic tape creating bewitching sounds, now enriched with stroboscopic effects. Cinema for your ears!

House in the Snow-Drifts 1927

An adaptation of Evgenii Zamiatin’s short story “The Cave,” about a musician dying of hunger in his large, unheated Petersburg apartment because he was not needed in the revolutionary city.

My Soul Drifts Light Upon a Sea of Trees

Zen priest Ittetsu Nemoto lost an uncle and two friends to suicide. It left him with deep emotional scars, and he decided to start an online support group for people with suicidal thoughts. Nowadays, he receives them in person at his temple... Each painful story paints an intriguing picture of what life on the edge can look like. Together, the portraits form a quiet plea for a broader view on the treatment of suicidal behavior.

Calexico: World Drifts In (Live At The Barbican London) 2004

Live, the performance from November 2002 as part of the Beyond Nashville Festival. The stage is filled with musicians and their instruments - guitars, drums, trumpets, harps, violins and some that are less recognisable. Calexico are a breath of fresh air. They could be equally at home playing with alternative country artists, at festivals, with rock bands or on the streets of Mexico - their adopted home land that is portrayed so beautifully in their music and captured so elegantly on this video.

Doraemon: Nobita Drifts in the Universe 1999

The film is a parody of the Star Wars original trilogy. In the film, Doraemon and friends find themselves in an interstellar war where an army (based on the Galactic Empire) is trying to take over Earth. Of course, our heroes joins another army (based on the Rebel Alliance) to stop the antagonists.

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