Spring Breakers 2013

After four college girls rob a restaurant to fund their spring break in Florida, they get entangled with a weird dude with his own criminal agenda.

Ibiza Undead 2016

Three best friends - Alex, Az and Jim - head to Ibiza for their first lad's holiday. Unfortunately, tagging along is Alex's unimpressed ex-girlfriend Ellie. Arriving on the island, the lads dump Ellie with Alex's sister Liz, and her friend Zara, and head to San Antonio to start their week of sun, sea and debauchery. Soon they end up in a club, run by local gangster Karl, where the attractions aren't all alive - they're zombies! Due to Jim's drunken antics the zombies escape, and soon all hell breaks loose and no one on the party island is safe.

Breakers 1998

Breakers is an Australian television series, that was made and aired on Network Ten between 1998 and 1999. It was shown in Ireland on TV3 and City Channel. It was also screened on BBC One in the United Kingdom and TV4 in New Zealand.

Breakers 2018

A singer-songwriter competition featuring eight multi-talented musicians who are talented at composing, writing lyrics, and singing. The contestants create songs for each mission and perform them on stage where they are evaluated by online and offline audiences.

Record Breakers

Record Breakers was a British children's TV show, themed around world records and produced by the BBC and originally presented by Roy Castle with twin brothers Norris McWhirter and Ross McWhirter. The programme was a spin off series from Blue Peter which had featured record breaking attempts overscene by the McWhirter twins. It was broadcast on BBC1 from 15 December 1972 to 21 December 2001. Producers of the series over the years were, Alan Russell, Michael Forte, Eric Rowan, Greg Childs, Annette Williams and Jeremy Daldry. The closing theme was "Dedication", performed by Roy Castle, who broke nine world records on the show himself. As well as interviews with people who held British or World records, early editions of the programme would include a feature in which the studio audience would test the McWhirter brothers on their knowledge of records, and the climax of each show would usually be a world record attempt in the studio. Ross was shot dead by a Provisional IRA assassin in 1975, but his brother continued to appear on the show in the "Norris On The Spot" feature. Other hosts included Fiona Kennedy, Cheryl Baker, Fearne Cotton, Kriss Akabusi and Ronald Reagan Jr. After Castle's death in 1994, the show was hosted by Baker and Akabusi, then Linford Christie took over in 1999 with co-presenters Jack Lattimer, Jez Edwards and Kate Sanderson.

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