The Spirit of the Sword 1982

In this film, there are 5 main clans ruling the martial world, each representing one of the 5 elements - fire, metal, water, wood and earth. Each year they hold a martial arts competition to decide which one of the 5 clans will rule the world. The story is centered around one of these tournaments, as a catastrophe arises when an evil samurai killer shows up 49 days before the start and tries to assassinate the current leader who happens to be from the Water clan.

The Spirit of the Swords 2015

The young swordsman (Nicholas Tse) only for the completion of the master’s last wish before his death – to find ancient Central Plains nine left enduring famous sword, from the north to the Central Plains Penglai. Prior to submission of the court already Martial Shandong, Qingping swordsman and white space Using young swordsman contest Cheat Death, became buried in the court martial of the Black Hand

The Magical Sword of Skeletal Spirit 1969

A man who left his wife to study for a government exam happens to see a drowning woman in a mountain and rescues her. To thank him she takes him home deep in the mountain. He ends up staying with her for years, putting his study behind. But she learns that the woman he saved from the drowning sea was a vampire. Meanwhile his wife finds where her husband is with the Buddha's revelation, kills the vampire and brings him back safely to their home.

Fight!! Spirit of the Sword 1993

Yonosuke Hikura appears to be an ordinary high school student. Yet he has inherited the important role of protecting the harmony between Heaven and Earth. With the help of the magical sword Chitentai, and Tsukinojo Inbe, he courageously battles the demons, sending them back to the Earth World, from which they have escaped.

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