Neue Chance zum Glück 2011

Occupation, children and marriage - everything is right with Merrit. But on the day when she wants to go on vacation with the family and her best friend Bea, she learns that her father has suffered a heart attack. Instead of going to Italy she drives to the Eifel. The father is the circumstances, but with her idiosyncratic mother Iris Merrit gets back together again. And then suddenly her husband Immo and the children are standing in front of the castle gate. Her daughter Jule is completely disturbed - she has caught her father in bed with Bea.

Bianca - Wege zum Glück 2004

Bianca – Wege zum Glück was the first German telenovela, developed by the TV production company Grundy UFA . It started on 1 November 2004 and ran until 5 October 2005 on the ZDF . The main characters were Bianca Berger, played by Tanja Wedhorn, and Oliver Wellinghoff, played by Patrik Fichte.

Zuhause im Glück – Unser Einzug in ein neues Leben

Zuhause im Glück – Unser Einzug in ein neues Leben - is a German television series, which is aired at 8:15 pm every Tuesday on RTL 2. The first show could be watched on TV on 4 October 2005. On 2 November 2010 the 100th episode was aired. The concept of the show is based on the US-American show “Extreme Makeover” – Home Edition”, which is produced by the TV channel ABC. In this TV show, it is shown how the interior architect Eva Brenner and architect John Kosmalla, as well as approximately 15 workers per show reconstruct diverse rooms in a house within 8 days that was affected by an unlucky incident. That is the reason why families often found themselves in a difficult situation. During the reconstruction work the family will stay in a hotel and is not allowed to get in touch with the building site. In 2009 Eva Brenner and John Kosmalla were supported by Natalie Nguyen-Ton, Christopher Brenner and Daniel Kraft, as well as by a new craftsmen team. Until 2005, the family was given a DVD by a member of the building team during the first week of reconstruction. In this DVD, the happenings in their house were presented in a humorous way. Since 2007 the “Construction Message” was replaced by the “Construction Riddle”. Eva Brenner sends three items from the building site to the hotel. The family has then to pick one of those items, which represent something. One item represents a blank, for the other two the family gets something in addition, for example a fireplace or an aquarium for their home. Two other categories, which recur in each episode, are “Eva’s handicraft tip” and “A craftsman tip”. In these categories Eva or a craftsman tells the spectator how to do handicrafts for the home or how to paper a wall. Besides, in the category “Wolfgang’s Building Site ABC” the site manager explains the structure of a building site. The building team has its own kitchen in containers and motor homes, which are located right to the building site and which allows them to work 24/7.

Care Bears: Adventures in Care-a-lot 2009

Care Bears: Adventures in Care-a-lot is an animated television series by SD Entertainment, Cookie Jar Entertainment and Shari Lewis Enterprises that premiered on CBS's KEWLopolis line-up from September 15, 2007 to December 6, 2008, and is designed to be an immediate follow up to the movie Care Bears: Oopsy Does It!. It was the third Care Bears television series made and was produced by Sabella Dern Entertainment, the same company that made Care Bears: Oopsy Does It!. It features songs with music by Andy Street and lyrics by Judy Rothman. Along with the other shows in the KEWLopolis block, this series fulfills the federal "E/I" requirements.

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