Meet the Robinsons 2007

In this animated adventure, brilliant preteen inventor Lewis creates a memory scanner to retrieve his earliest recollections and find out why his mother gave him up for adoption. But when the villainous Bowler Hat Guy steals the machine, Lewis is ready to give up on his quest until the mysterious Wilbur Robinson shows up on the scene, whisking Lewis to the future to find the scanner and his mom.

The Robinsons 2005

The Robinsons is a British comedy television series that debuted on BBC Two on 5 May 2005. The show's central character is a divorced reinsurance actuary, Ed Robinson, who realises that reinsurance is not his passion and decides to rethink his life. The series is written and directed by Mark Bussell and Justin Sbresni. The show's executive producers include Jon Plowman and Michele Buck.

Jancis Robinson's Wine Course 1995

In an encyclopaedic tour around the wine producing countries of the world Jancis Robinson captures the flavour of each region’s wines and recommends the best names to look out for. Everything from production and tasting to storing of wine is covered. Each of the 10 episodes is centred on a major grape variety with other important wine topics woven in where appropriate. Being a well known wine authority, Jancis Robinson is able to infiltrate the wineworld’s elite and shows the viewer all aspects of wine production.

Tony Robinson's Gods and Monsters 2011

Tony Robinson explores the weird and wonderful history of belief, superstition and religious experience in Britain. For 2000 years, Britain has been a Christian country. Or has it? In fact, our ancestors actually kept many other dark, fantastical beliefs alive. It was a world underpinned by outlandish, dangerous and plain weird beliefs. Ideas that today seem unbelievable, but were seen as uncontroversial and hugely influential, with some having shaped our history as much as mainstream religion

Morgana Robinson's The Agency 2016

Comedy vehicle designed to showcase the dazzling impersonations of Morgana Robinson. In this seven-part show, Morgana plays the entire celebrity roster of leading talent agent Vincent Mann (of Mann Management). In a groundbreaking move, Vincent has allowed a documentary crew into his agency and given them access to the likes of Miranda Hart, Natalie Cassidy, Russell Brand, Joanna Lumley, Gregg Wallace, Mel & Sue, Danny Dyer and Adele (all of whom are played by Morgana).

Tony Robinson's World War 1 2015

Sir Tony Robinson, the history presenter and former Black Adder star, tells the story of the Great War. How it started, how it changed the world and how it finished with a 100 day flourish of military brilliance, which finally put an end to four years of incompetence and slaughter. With the aid of hundreds of amazing archived 3D images of the Great War which chronicle WWI from start to finish and breathe new life into the story, Tony Robinson's World War I allows modern audiences to see the war in a completely new way. Robinson will also show how the Great War changed British people for generations to come – liberating large portions of the working class, powering the rise of the Labour party and breaking the old ties of service to the aristocracy.

Tony Robinson's Tour Of Duty 2015

This is about the ANZAC's. For the first time, experience the Tour of Duty roadshow and feel part of the community as Tony encourages the locals to show off memorabilia, tell stories and share poignant recollections of their ancestors who fought the war at home and abroad. Focusing on the last century of war and war service in Australia – on the battlefield, and on the home front, Tony digs deep through the trenches in the towns and cities he visits making the locals the stars of the show. Similar to "Tony Robinson's World War I"

Tony Robinson's Wild West 2015

From Custer’s Last Stand and the Battle of Little Big Horn to the gunfight at the OK Corral and death of Jesse James, this is a history of the West like no other. Tony Robinson's Wild West uses exclusive, never-before-seen 3D stereoscopic photographs to expose the untold story of the Wild West, and reveal the true stories of the men and women who tamed the American wilderness. This three part documentary charts the 50 year period that began at the end of the American Civil War in 1865, when all the western territories in America were opened up to be exploited. Throughout the series, Tony, a huge fan of western movies, investigates the clashes between the native American tribes and pioneers, namely the famous ‘Last Stand’ of General Custer at Little Big Horn. He examines the infamous western bandits, including Butch Cassidy and Jesse James, often glorified in Hollywood’s lat

Tony Robinson's Crime and Punishment 2008

Tony Robinson's Crime and Punishment is a British documentary for Channel 4. In a four-part series, Tony Robinson goes on a fascinating and sometimes bizarre journey to discover the origins of our laws and what we do to people when they break them. From trials by boiling water, through the decapitation of a king, to the emergence of our modern democracy, it is a journey that starts two thousand years ago and remains unfinished today. It aired on Australian screens in 2009 on ABC1.


Romans is a documentary created by Tony Robinson about the Roman Empire. It was first broadcast on Channel 4 on September 20, 2003. This documentary is 3 hours in length, consists of 4 episodes and makes extensive use of research. The first two episodes portrays the life of the Dictator Julius Caesar while the remaining are portraits of Emperor Caligula and Emperor Nero. Tony Robinson is portraying Caligula in a different perspective, than what is normally associated with a the "mad emperor", by using various sources that examines his childhood in order to portray him in a better light. The last episode portrays emperor Nero.

Tony Robinson: Coast to Coast 2017

Tony Robinson dons his hiking boots to explore the 200-mile coast-to-coast route made famous by travel writer Alfred Wainwright. In the six-part series, Tony will be trekking across the north of England from St Bee's Beach in Cumbria to Robin Hood's Bay on the Yorkshire coast.

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