Purple Triangles 2001

A documentary released on DVD alongside the related documentary "Faithful Under Trials—Jehovah's Witnesses in the Soviet Union"

Pink Triangles 1982

Takes a look at the nature of discrimination against lesbians and gay men and challenges some of society's attitudes toward homosexuality. Also examines historical and contemporary patterns of racial, religious, political, and sexual persecution.

Triangles of Happiness 2014

Hanne and Carsten are desperately trying to keep up with the appearances to their nosy neighbors. But how do you keep up with the illusion of a happy family in times of crisis. Financial crisis.

Mysteries of Devil's Triangles

Supported by eyewitness accounts, this thought-provoking A&E special investigates the strange disappearances of ships, planes and other vessels in the infamous Bermuda Triangle and a lesser-known but equally perplexing triangle in the Great Lakes. Science and history experts weigh in on the still-unexplained vanishing acts and tragic accidents that occurred in both regions, including the sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald in 1975.

In an Old Manor House or The Independence of Triangles 1985

In a country house at the turn of a century live a family of eccentrics. Anastasia, the beautiful mistress of the manor, enjoys the amorous attentions of her stepson Blarney so openly that her husband Diapanasius takes out his shotgun and shoots her. The rest of the family accepts her end as a matter-of-fact, and soon - her return as a voyeuristic ghost who interferes with their love lifes. Anastasia has a posthumous son Tadeusz, "born" by clambering out of the tree trunk. Anastasia seduces him too, and drives another men so crazy that they kill her another couple of times. Finally, Tadeusz, the arch-rebel, leads a mob on a raid of the old manor.

?/Rhythmic Triangles/Fighting Cards 1932

Four short vignettes in this early animated film. In the first, shadows pull away to reveal a puddle, and automobile and bicycle tires pass through it. In the second, cutout shadows of a variety of shoes of people walking are seen. The third is a flurry of geometric forms. In the fourth, the playing card spade courts the heart and pushes away the club, but eventually the club returns, beats up the spade, and wins the heart. (Source: AniDB)

G 2002

A young Hip Hop star named Summer G falls for a middle to upper class sister while in college. After she rejects him for a fellow social climber, Summer G spends ten years building a Hip Hop empire, then moves to the Hamptons where he finds the object of his affections.

Sporting Triangles

Sporting triangles was a quiz programme, devised by Matthew Davies and Robert Lawrence, which tested sports people's knowledge of sport. The programme was produced by Central Television and aired on the ITV network for four series from 7 January 1987 until 13 August 1990. The original host was Nick Owen who hosted series 1 and 2; he was replaced by Andy Craig who hosted the final two series. Captains included Jimmy Greaves and Emlyn Hughes, who had just finished his role as a captain on the BBC equivalent, A question of sport; despite Hughes' presence, Sporting triangles struggled to match its better-known rival.

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