Fantastic Mr. Fox 2009

The Fantastic Mr. Fox bored with his current life, plans a heist against the three local farmers. The farmers, tired of sharing their chickens with the sly fox, seek revenge against him and his family.

The Fox and the Hound 1981

When a feisty little fox named Tod is adopted into a farm family, he quickly becomes friends with a fun and adorable hound puppy named Copper. Life is full of hilarious adventures until Copper is expected to take on his role as a hunting dog -- and the object of his search is his best friend!

Fox 1980

The trials and tribulations of the Fox family of London, a clan with gangland connections.

After the Fox 1966

Criminal mastermind 'The Fox' sets up a phony film production and masquerades as it's director as part of a plan to smuggle a stolen gold shipment into Italy.

Fox Boy 2019

A child gets lost to a world ruled by fox boys and has to struggle for his survival.

The Fox and the Hound 2 2006

Best friends Tod, a fox kit, and Copper, a hound puppy, visit a country fair when they see a band of dogs called "The Singin' Strays". The band has five members: Dixie, Cash, Granny Rose, and twin brothers Waylon and Floyd. It is important that they perform well because a talent scout is visiting.

The Jade Fox 1979

In her bid for domination of the kingdom, a wicked woman invites opponents to their doom at her 'Fairyland' estate.

Fox 2016

On a very hot day in Athens, Stephanos, the eldest brother, is working out while his mother is planning a day out. After another intense argument, Stephanos is left alone to take care of his two younger siblings as well as Lucy, the family's sick dog. The day is spent pleasantly between summery laziness, pizzas, teenage flirting and phone calls that remain unanswered.

Julia and the Fox 2018

Julia, an ex-actress, and her daughter Emma, move into a mansion in a village of Córdoba, Argentina. It's winter and Julia has to get the house into shape to sell it. Despite the time to have passed since her husband and Emma’s father died, they are still in mourning. The days go by gloomily. Grief has made Julia quiet and cool with her daughter. One night, Julia runs into Gaspar, a life-long friend. Gaspar tries to convince Julia to take part in a theatre competition. Julia, Emma and Gaspar find a way to rebuild their lives by starting a somewhat shaky project to form a new type of family.

Stone Fox 1987

Little Willy must win a dog sled race in order to save his grandfather's cattle ranch.

Red Fox 1991

Miniseries based on the novel by Gerald Seymour.

Fox 2009

Fox is an edge-of-the-seat suspense thriller that moves at high speed between the bustling metropolis of Bombay and the beautiful beaches of Goa.

The Fox Family 2006

The Kumiho family circus in town -- and with it, apparently, a mysterious murderer. The members of motherless family aren’t helping their case with their strange remarks about humans and their initial performances, cavalcades of dismemberment and torrents of blood which terrify the local kids. Pretty soon, a dour, downbeat cop is on the tail of the plucky, bumbling Kumihos. Or rather, tails -- “kumiho” is the word for the fox spirits of Korean mythology, and this clan from Nam Mountain near Seoul, temporarily disguised as people thanks to a magic spell, must eat human livers during a brief, once-in-a-millennium lunar eclipse to shed their foxy nature and assume permanent human form. When the sleazy reprobate on the run from mobsters stumbles into their eerie household, he soon finds himself a little too enthusiastically involved in their scheming after human flesh—and involved with the sexy elder-sister fox spirit as well!

The Fox Hunt 1938

Donald controls the hounds (or maybe they control him), and Goofy is riding on Horace Horsecollar, as the fox outwits both of them. Some other Disney characters are seen briefly in the hunting party at the end.

Fox Tale 2015

One day, Mr. Fox who is so proud of his tail mocks at Mr. Bunny's tiny tail. At that time, he got a dart from a mysterious hunter and lost his the most beloved tail. Mr. Fox is in panic, but he embarks on his journey to get his back.

The Grey Fox 1982

Old West highwayman Bill Miner, known to Pinkertons as "The Gentleman Bandit," is released in 1901 after 33 years in prison, a genial and charming old man. He goes to Washington to live and work with his sister's family. But the world has changed much while he has been away, and he just can't adjust. So he goes to Canada and returns to the only thing familiar to him -- robbery (with stagecoaches changed to trains).

Fox-Terror 1957

Foghorn's going fishing, but a fox has other plans for him. Posing as a racetrack tout, he suggests Foggy get a hunting dog and go hunting. Once the dog is gone, the fox comes after the chickens. One of them pulls the fox alarm, and the dog comes running back (too late). The fox next poses as a quiz show host, tricking Foghorn and the dog into blowing each other up. They go through another cycle or two of abuse before identifying their common enemy. They team up and go after him.

The Fox Hunt 1931

It's morning in the English countryside and time for the gentry to participate in their favorite sport: the fox hunt. The eccentric gentlemen come in all shapes and sizes, the fat ones putting the greatest strain on the horses. The craziest things happen to the monocled hunters. One even gets knocked off his horse when it jumps over a brick wall. He shoots straight up into the air and, thanks to a parachute hidden in his clothes, makes a gentle landing. But instead of the ground, he lands on a cow. Upset by her unwanted passenger, she takes off at top speed, finally dumping him in a mud puddle, where he lands on a pig and continues his wacky ride. Meanwhile, the poor fox finally gets trapped in a hollow log. Dogs to the left of him, dogs to the right! Luckily, the beleaguered creature gets help from a certain powerful, and pungent, friend.

The Big Fox 1988

Ugo Maria Volpone is a very rich shipowner. He dissimulates to be close to die in order to have the attention of three of his friends: Corvino, Voltore and Corbaccio. The three accepts every kind of humiliation and money loss in order to inherit all Volpone's fortune. Volpone hires a new servant, Mosca. Together the two start to realize new jokes and extortions to the three greedy fake friends. Who will win the inheritance?

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