The Enchantress 1983

Max Mok is the dashing young swordsman Feng Xiwu who arrives at a beautiful, but deadly location known as Moonlit Sky to investigate rumors of deaths and disappearances there.

Yao's Young Warriors 1983

Set during the last days of the Sung dynasty as Chin forces overrun the countryside. Only esteemed general Yao has managed to hold out. When the Chin kidnap Yao's mother in order to force him to surrender, they hadn't reckoned with Yao's five sons, who use their martial arts skills to devastating effect.

The Rowdy Bunch 1994

A mysterious clan of assassins versed in traditional techniques of Muay Thai Boxing took control of the empire of Siam. Enslaved and humiliated, the people must rebel to preserve their freedom. A war with bare hands is preparing for peace. Freedom after their fists, certain death after the battle: only the mystical power of Muay Thai warriors will ensure their victory!

The Year of the Yao 2004

The Year of the Yao is a documentary film telling the first year of basketball player Yao Ming in the United States.

Fruit Rockers 2015

A former con-artist gathers a bunch of girls and puts together an all-female rock band.

Hero Dream 1992

A gun smuggling operation in Thailand is the basis for this kung fu action flick. Stars well known 80s action star Michiko Nishiwaki

A Strange Woman 1950

Not seen in Hong Kong for many years, A Strange Woman was Li Pingqian's first film at Great Wall Film Studio. Adapted from the play La Tosca by French playwright Victorien Sardou, opera star Xiao Xiangshui (Bai Guang) helps her lover, a revolutionary, to escape from warlords. She finesses with both the head of the secret service (Yan Jun) and her lover's wife, but things do not turn out as planned. Li changed his usual pace to encompass a more conventional and dramatic film plot. Bold and flirtatious in her role, Bai Guang is equally over the top in appearance as Yan Jun. The tension in winning the heroine over drives the plot more than the themes of patriotism and loyalty in love.

Snake Monster 1994

The King of the Snake Monsters is attempting to revert back to human form but is opposed by the womanizing owner of a popular restaurant that specializes in medicinal snake soup.

Unbeatables 2001

Chinatown in the Philippines, highlighted the danger of a pair of brothers – fire weapons (Louis Fan) and Yao Yang (Roy Cheung), two wise and brave, have a good skill, but never had the chance to succeed. Wu wounding and imprisonment of a fire. All sorts of humiliation by prison officials in prison, but fortunately was rescued Chuxiong large Ge Li, Li Chuxiong appreciate their talent, to close the fire.

Believe it or Not 1999

"Believe It or Not" happens in July of the Lunar Calendar, when the door between Hell and the World opens and many ghosts escape. A teenager suddenly dies in his apartment; Officer Kenny (Francis NG Chun-yue) investigates the case. At the same time dumb guy Joe (Sam LEE Chan-sum), Lon and Fatty experience strange things on the date of 'Ghost Festival' Later, a ghost attaches itself to the body of Mandy. Lon, who is the grandson of Gradda Lung, feels something worse impending..

Rebellious Reign 1980

Top fighter leaves his sifu to join his new friend the 4th Prince, and supports him in his bid to gain the throne and eventually overthrow the Ching.

Saving Africa's Giants With Yao Ming 2014

Basketball superstar and wildlife advocate Yao Ming travels to Africa to help spread awareness about the cruelty of poaching. Yao sees for himself the evidence of a losing battle, where Africa's giants are senselessly slain every day for their tusks.

Black Dragon Collection: Yao's Young Warriors

Cham Fung, Cheung Hei Ling and Cheung Shing Chung star in this martial arts film set in China at the end of the Sung Dynasty. Determined not to surrender to the Chin army, General Yao and his men retreat to a mountaintop. The general's five grandsons, who are superior spear-wielding fighters, rally the troops and fend off the enemy. Both sides kidnap family members of their enemy, resulting in the need for negotiations amidst the fighting.

Legend of Fuyao 2018

Meng Fu Yao, a woman born from a divine lotus petal. She journeys through the five continents towards the heavens in search of a secret order and to reveal a conspiracy originating from the heavens. In the process, she falls in love with the crown prince Zhangsun Wuji.

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