Good Ol’ Freda 2013

The story of Freda Kelly, a shy Liverpudlian teenager asked to work for a young local band hoping to make it big: The Beatles. Their loyal secretary from beginning to end, Freda tells her tales for the first time in 50 years.

Bad Ol' Putty Tat 1949

Sylvester Cat starts to saw down Tweety Bird's house. Tweety flees into a badminton court, where he becomes the birdie in the game. Sylvester disguises himself as a player, and Tweety drops a TNT stick into Sylvester's mouth.

Heidi 1937

Heidi is orphaned and her uncaring maternal Aunt Dete takes her to the mountains to live with her reclusive, grumpy paternal grandfather, Adolph Kramer. Heidi brings her grandfather back into mountain society through her sweet ways and sheer love. When Dete later returns and steals Heidi away to become the companion of a rich man's wheelchair-bound daughter, the grandfather is heartsick to discover his little girl missing and immediately sets out to get her back.

Be Here Now 2015

An inspiring feature documentary and love story, about the overnight sensation, actor and international sex symbol, Andy Whitfield, who put the same determination and dedication that he brought to his lead role in "Spartacus" into fighting life-threatening cancer.

Cinema Olanda Film 2018

Shot in a single uncut sequence, Cinema Olanda Film connects an architectural location, a number of individuals, and past and present events through a momentary filmic reality.

Attention! 2016

A 32-year-old PhD candidate Onur finds himself in a dilemma whereby he needs to make a decision between doing paid military service and serving the army for 6 months. Throughout this decision making process Onur not only questions the ethical and political aspects of the choice he will make, but also the compulsory military system in his country. He has only 2 months to decide. Will he go or pay?

OL百合族 19歳 1984

Two young women, Minako and Naomi, have been friends and lovers since their school days, and are now living as roommates in the city, working together for a large company. Although she cares for Minako, Naomi decides that she should leave behind her past, find a husband and have kids. Minako, on the other hand, is happy with things as they are and doesn't want to change. The two must work out what they really want out of life, going their separate ways if need be

Bette Midler: Ol' Red Hair Is Back 1977

In 1977, Bette Midler's first television special premiered, featuring guest stars Dustin Hoffman and Emmett Kelly. It went on to win Bette her first Emmy Award for Outstanding Special — Comedy-Variety or Music. To make the show palatable to home viewers, the special featured heavily cleaned up versions of the material Midler was performing at that time on stage. The title of the show, Ol' Red Hair is Back, was a takeoff on the title of Frank Sinatra's recent album Ol' Blue Eyes Is Back.

Ol' Dirty Kung Fu 1979

This old school martial arts comedy involves the search for the elusive “Bamboo Stick,” an aged kung fu master played by Simon Yuen, who kills a local crime boss’s son after taking the place of the son’s forced bride on the wedding night.

The Night of the Earthquake 2002

Mari and Yasuo are getting "fresh" with each other at the garbage dump when Mari unveils that she knows the whereabouts of a safe holding $100,000. After some convincing, Mari gets Yasuo to help her with the robbery. What these two sexually charged criminals don't know is that Kawada, a sadistic accountant for his gang, is also after the cash, and will stop at nothing to get it. During the night of the robbery, Katsuhiro, the manager of the warehouse in which all of this takes place, checks in the office only to find his co-worker and lover Keiko all tied up by the hands of Mari. Kawada arrives soon after, and as he's about to gut Yasuo like a fish, a massive earthquake shakes the whole city, and everyone is trapped inside. Kawada takes over and maniacly ties everyone up and carries out his savage sexual fantasies.

Ol' King Cotton 1930

George is a shiftless father and husband, who lets his wife and old mother in law do all the work at his tumbledown farm, preferring to sleep under a tree. His wife finally threatens him into finding a job moving cartons in a warehouse.

See No Evil, Hear No Evil 1989

A murder takes place in the shop of David Lyons, a deaf man who fails to hear the gunshot being fired. Outside, blind man Wally Karue hears the shot but cannot see the perpetrator. Both are arrested, but escape to form an unlikely partnership. Being chased by both the law AND the original killers, can the pair work together to outwit them all?

Erotic Diary of an Office Lady 1977

Asami Ogawa in his first leading role as an office worker with an extremely kinky private life. She not only has an affair with her boss and others in the company but also organizes women to her widower to father.

Mutlu Ol Yeter 1981

The tragedic story of a man, who loses his wife at the birth of his son. Later he meets a young woman and they get feelings for each other. But the job of the woman as a prostitute is a great obstacle for this bond.

Kjør meg til OL 2017

Without a driver's license, Magnus Devold and his car will travel from Norway to South Korea to reach the opening of the Pyeongchang Olympics in this new program; "Drive me to the Olympics". The 20,000 kilometer long drive becomes a travel program out of the ordinary. To complete the journey, Magnus is dependent on driver assistance from casual people on the road. But with arbitrary people behind the wheel it's not easy to plan all the details. Is Magnus able to persuade enough random people to transport him to Pyeongchang on time?

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