Kate & Leopold 2001

When her scientist ex-boyfriend discovers a portal to travel through time -- and brings back a 19th-century nobleman named Leopold to prove it -- a skeptical Kate reluctantly takes responsibility for showing Leopold the 21st century. The more time Kate spends with Leopold, the harder she falls for him. But if he doesn't return to his own time, his absence will forever alter history.

Leopold the Cat 1975

Leopold the Cat is a Soviet/Russian animation series about the pacifistic, and intelligent cat, Leopold. Leopold always wears a bow tie even when swimming. He is always confronted by two mischievous mice, Grey and White. It was filmed by T/O Ekran in 1975 - 1987 and its runtime is 87 min. As of 1987, there were 11 episodes in total. Eventually, in 1995, most of the episodes were released on DVD. It was directed by Anatoly Reznikov, and the screenplay was written by Arkady Hayt. Boris Savelyev wrote the score. The cinematography was by Ernst Gaman, Igor Shkamarda, and Vladimir Milovanov. Nelli Kudrina did the sound. His catchphrase is - "Let's live in friendship, guys". The catchphrases of the mice are "Come out, Leopold!" by one and "Come out, you foul coward!" by the second.

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