Kamasutra 3D

The journey of a beautiful Indian Princess, who sets sail in the search of her husband. On her voyage, she undergoes transformations in her body, mind and soul with a fellow passenger who takes her to a forbidden world of sexual love and sensuality.

Kamasutra Nights 2008

Maya (also known as Kamasutra Nights), promises to look highly erotic and thrilling. However, it will appeal to those who are simply looking for cheesy dialogue, easily predictable sequences and steamy sex scenes. I was wondering: did the director Eric Manning does any homework to ensure that the movie works well? The movie simply tells the different story. by samuelding85

Pinoy Kamasutra 2 2008

Myles is a woman in need of sexual healing until she comes across an erotic email sent to her. Echo is a sexually active email sender in search of the ultimate amorous encounter. While in hot pursuit to unravel the identity of her erotic e-mate, she's also bound to discover her hidden carnal creature- her sexual alter ego. As the two become constant chat mates, Myles' lust is finally re-awakened. Aided by the four fundamental elements: fire, water, earth and air, the two delve into amorous experiences far beyond their wildest dreams.

Kama Sutra 1969

German-made adaptation of the Indian sex manual.

Kama Sutra - A Tale of Love 1996

Tara and Maya are two inseparable friends in India. Their tastes, habits, and hobbies are the same. Years later, the two have matured, but have maintained their friendship. Tara gets married to the local prince, Raj Singh, who soon succeeds the throne as the sole heir. After the marriage, Raj gets bored of Tara and starts seeking another female to satisfy his sexual needs. He notices Maya and is instantly attracted to her. He has her included as one of his courtesans, and is intimate with her. Watch what happens when Tara finds out and the extent she will go to keep her marriage intact.

Kama Sutra - Secrets to the Art of Love 2005

Several couples demonstrate 50 positions of lovemaking from the Kama Sutra while an off-screen narrator, a woman with a soft voice, describes each position, provides its name, and notes its pleasures, sensations, intensities, originality, and caveats. The primary set is a large bedroom, with the bed in the center; the walls are yellow, the lighting soft; mirrors sometimes provide additional angles. Music plays. The silent couples move rhythmically and keep their cool.

Perfumed Garden 2000

Imagine a world of pleasure, where passion is the ultimate obsession. When Michael and Lisa travel to India to restore an erotic sculpture, they are immediately acquainted with the Kama Sutra and introduced to the skills of seduction. But when forbidden desires are revealed, vows can be broken. Now, sexual desires are about to be reawakened and fantasies are about to come true. What you desire you cannot resist. Experience it for yourself.

Chick Magnet 2011

When freeloader Phil is tossed out by the love of his life, Jen, he stays with two old friends who come upon a magic shirt that guarantees them sex with all the women they can handle. The three losers have their lives upended as Phil's friends pursue a daily diet of Maxim models and close encounters with Hollywood's hottest-but Phil schemes to use the shirt to win back Jen. And when an insane marine steals the shirt and threatens to use it on Jen, Phil's battle for her affections takes on dangerously high stakes. Chick Magnet makes it clear that the laws of attraction were made to be broken.

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