Evil Roy Slade 1972

Orphaned and left in the desert as an infant, Evil Roy Slade (John Astin) grew up alone—save for his teddy bear—and mean. As an adult, he is notorious for being the "meanest villain in the West"—so he's thrown for quite a loop when he falls for sweet schoolteacher Betsy Potter (Pamela Austin). There's also Nelson L. Stool (Mickey Rooney), a railroad tycoon, who, along with his dimwitted nephew Clifford (Henry Gibson), is trying to get revenge on Evil Roy Slade for robbing him.

Jack Slade 1953

A young boy witnesses his father murdered by bandits and grows into adulthood vowing revenge.

Slade: It's Slade 1999

With special guests and stories and from those who where there, see, hear and feel the music from first-hand accounts of the Glam Rock Kings of the 1970s: Slade.

Bob's Broken Sleigh 2015

This Christmas movie a young magic-less elf named Bob, who finds himself on a wild sleigh ride after being ambushed by the evil puffin Fishface. Stranded in the middle of a magical forest, it's up to him and the friends he makes along the way to bring the sleigh back home in time for Christmas - if the puffins don't get it first!

Hammer, Slammer, & Slade 1990

Hammer, a well dressed well mannered young detective finds out the hard way that everything he know a has been a lie. After his partners suicide, via soup that was much much too hot. Hammer starts to notice a pattern in his crime scene that lead him to the head of a major soup corporation. All out war as the soup boils over.

Slade - Popshop 1971

Live On Television. Setlist: 1. Hear Me Calling > 2. I'm Comming Home > 3. Darling Home Soon > 4. Coz I Luv You > 5. Get Down And With It > 6. Born To Be Wild

Dwight Slade: Animal Cracker

Winner of this year’s "Boston Comedy Festival. " Part man, part ageless boy; comedian Dwight Slade has the privilege of being a comedy legend in American stand up.

Inside Slade: The Singles: 1971-1991

British rockers Slade take the spotlight in this critical review of the band's glory days, when Noddy Holder was front man and they scored 21 hit singles. Music critics and musicians serve up their views on the band, also included are rare interviews and archival footage of Slade performing many of their classic tunes. Songs include "Get Down and Get with It," "Coz I Luv You," "Look Wot You Dun," "Gudbuy T'Jane" and many more.

Slade: Alive!: The Ultimate Critical Review 2006

The flashy boys of Slade ruled the British music scene in the 1970s, conquering it with their glam rock flair. This collection of their live appearances in their home country and abroad, including never-before-seen footage, confirms once and for all their mastery and enduring appeal. Present-day critics chime in with their assessments, while musical history unfolds from on-the-spot interviews with the band members themselves.

Slade - At East Germany TV 1977 & At Granada Studios 1977

This DVD on the net called Rare Videos - Live at Granada Studios 1972/Live At East Germany Television 1977. As the Live At Granada Studios 1972 is exactly the same as the Slade Alive The DVD contains 16 tracks taped in the the East German town of Erfurt as well as some short clips of the boys goofing around in town and separate interviews with them. Most of the songs are hits like "Cum On Feel The Noize", "'Coz I Luv You" and "Far Far Away", but also songs like "Gypsy Roadhog", "When The Lights Are Out" and "My Baby Left Me"

Though None Go With Me 2006

Elizabeth Leroy devotes her life to serving God but her faith is tested over the years as she has to overcome many hardships and sorrows.

Flame 1975

Light the Rock 'n Roll spark with a Flame in the guise of Dave, Noddy, Jim and Don and their showcase of the rise and demise of rock band Flame. Set in the hardships of North England's seventies working class society and music scene. This build-up from rags to riches is a parody of realism and grit, with double-dealings and harsh unforgiving dog eat dog mentalities, and the golden rule; if you play with matches then you're going to get burnt, in the flames of the music industry.

Meet the Mobsters 2005

Down-and-out lounge singer Johnny Slade is hired by a mystery man to open a hot new club, the catch being he's given a new--and terrible--song to sing each night. Noticing that whenever he sings one a new crime is committed, Johnny gradually realizes his songwriter-benefactor is a powerful mob boss in hiding and his "Greatest Hits" are the only way the man can give orders to his crew...

Shotgun Slade 1959

Shotgun Slade is an American western television series starring Scott Brady that aired seventy-eight episodes in syndication from October 24, 1959, until 1961. Created by Frank Gruber, the stories were written by John Berardino, Charissa Hughes, and Martin Berkeley. The series was filmed in Hollywood by Revue Studios. The pilot for Shotgun Slade aired earlier in 1959 on CBS's Schlitz Playhouse.

The Strange World of Gurney Slade

The Strange World of Gurney Slade is a British six-part television series made by ATV and transmitted by the ITV network between 22 October and 26 November 1960. A surreal series devised by Anthony Newley, who also starred, it was written by Dick Hills and Sid Green. Unusually for a comedy show, the series was shot entirely on 35mm film; the first three episodes were shot on location, while the rest of the series was studio-bound. The series follows the character of Gurney Slade, played by Newley, through a series of mundane environments with fantastical elements. The first episode opens with Slade breaking the fourth wall of a traditional television sitcom and leaving the set, to the protestations of its director. The name Gurney Slade is taken from the name of a district in the Mendip Hills in Somerset, England, not far from the city of Wells. Having recently passed through the area, Newley remembered the name at an early meeting, after a number of proposed titles – including Up the Zambezi – were rejected. The series was produced by Alan Tarrant, who directed the series with Newley. Newley explained at the time: "There is no rhyme or reason for what I do, I merely take life and turn it upside down. We hope to achieve humour without setting out to be deliberately funny." A reputed influence on the early career of David Bowie, the surrealism of the series was considerably ahead of its time for a 1960 television comedy and it soon proved insufficiently popular with the mainstream audience, resulting in it being moved from primetime to a late-night 'graveyard' timeslot by ITV. Some sources claim that it was moved after the first episode had been broadcast, but the published television schedules of the time indicate that the first two episodes were broadcast at 8:35 pm, while episodes 3 through 6 were broadcast at 11:10 pm.

Date My Ex 2008

Date My Ex is an American dating show on Bravo that debuted on July 21, 2008 and ran for one season. The series answers the question, "can exes be friends?". It is focused on the dating life of Jo De La Rosa, a former cast member on The Real Housewives of Orange County. Jo enlists the help of her ex-fiance Slade Smiley plus her best friends Myia Ingoldsby and Katy Metz.

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