Ich will Dich 2014

Marie is a successful designer and has a loving husband and two children. But fate offers more. When she meets the fiancée of their friend Dom, the two women fall for each other. This comes out and life gets out of control. Can there be a long-term solution?

Desiring Julia 1986

A young man falls in love with extra-liberated Giulia. Their relationship becomes very passionate, but Giulia has no limits in her sexual fantasies and games. Poor guy, will soon discover he'll have to pay a price for Giulia. He'll have to put up with all her strange and pervert desires, until of course he reaches his limits.

The Wood 1999

In the panicky, uncertain hours before his wedding, a groom with prenuptial jitters and his two best friends reminisce about growing up together in the middle-class African-American neighborhood of Inglewood, California. Flashing back to the twenty-something trio's childhood exploits, the memories capture the mood and nostalgia of the '80s era.

Fireback 1983

Jack Kaplan is a US Army Soldier and Weapons Expert liberated by a "rescue team", he returns home to the United States only to find out that his wife Diane has been captured by infatuated gangster Duffy Collins. Kaplan embarks on a mission to find his wife, running into characters like Digger, Man With The Golden Hand, and the treacherous femme fatale Eve. He is a man on a mission.

Hangin' Out 1983

The pert Tina is sick of school and the muff in her Bavarian village. She wants to go with Tino - attendant of a visiting auto-scooter - who has to leave the place for dubious reasons. However he lets her down and leaves alone. Now Tina persuades fellow student Robby, who has a crush on her, to take her on a random trip with his motor-scooter. It seems only to be a matter of time until he realizes that she's just using him to follow her boyfriend - or will the shy Robby manage to win her heart on their chaotic journey?

Ich will! 2008

Composed from footage found in the Imperial War museum, London, of Hitler Youth in full swing.

Ballad of Django 1971

Macho Callaghan is a lieutenant in the Federal Guards and his job is to capture Butch Cassidy, Ironhead, and their band of outlaws. Getting in touch with Ironhead, Macho finds a way of being hired by the outlaws. But when the two leaders quarrel and decide to separate, Macho manages to convince Ironhead to attack Butch Cassidy.

I Only Want You to Love Me 1976

The story of the young man Peter, who grew up during the economic miracle, bereft of parental care and love. Learning early on that interpersonal relationships are based on the principles of exchange or purchase, he abides by these rules and gives generous presents to his family and his wife Erika. But when he is unable to keep up this life-style, his story takes a horrendous turn ...

Evet, I Do! 2008

The movie revolves around three different couples who have to overcome familial and cultural obstacles to be with their ones they love. A man looking for a bride-for-hire also learns the hard way that expectations and reality do not always come together well.

I Want to Live 1976

I Want to Live (German: Ich will leben) is a 1976 Austrian drama film directed by Jörg A. Eggers. The film was selected as the Austrian entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 50th Academy Awards, but was not nominated.

Saint Ralph 2004

This Canadian made comedy/drama, set in Hamilton, Ontario in 1954, is a sweet and - at times - goofy story that becomes increasingly poignant as the minutes tick by. It's the fictional tale of a wayward 9th grader, Ralph (Adam Butcher), who is secretly living on his own while his widowed, hospitalized mother remains immersed in a coma. Frequently in trouble with Father Fitzpatrick (Gordon Pinsent), the principal of his all-boys, Catholic school, Ralph is considered something of a joke among peers until he decides to pull off a miracle that could save his mother, i.e., winning the Boston Marathon. Coached by a younger priest and former runner, Father Hibbert (Campbell Scott), whose cynicism has been lifted by the boy's pure hope, Ralph applies himself to his unlikely mission, fending off naysayers and getting help along a very challenging path from sundry allies and friends.

Asta Upset 2014

The film is set in a modern day 'Berlin Republic' liberated from all irrelevancies. It's about artistic production, the creative industries and above all film and cinema - a political manifesto in feature film format. It centres on Asta, tough, hardened by theory and immaculately styled right down to the emblems on her leather jacket, with current art scene jargon flowing elegantly from her lips.

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