Martinez 2019

Martinez, an embittered Chilean in his sixties who has lived in Mexico for the past 40 years and is being forced to retire from his job. As he struggles with life changes, a neighbor suddenly dies and as he sifts through her diary and her things, he begins to live vicariously through her and find new meaning in life.

Omar Martínez 2006

Karim, a boy from illegal Maghreb, lives of hawking CDs in a Spanish city, and takes extra money boxing under the name of Omar Martinez. Train in the gym of his only friend's uncle, Toni, who lives, and dreams of returning to Morocco. He also dreams of winning the love of Olga, another immigrant from Ukraine who is hoping to become a lady"". Among them establish a triangle of love and friendship where dreams collide with each reality than live.

Actor Martinez 2016

Dreaming of fame and fortune, a local Denver performer hires two indie filmmakers to come to town and make a film with him as the star.

Cotto vs. Martinez 2014

Cotto faced WBC and The Ring Middleweight champion Sergio Martinez for the titles on June 7, 2014 in his first fight in the middleweight division at Madison Square Garden.

El insolito embarazo de los martinez 1974

One man becomes each day more and more fat. The exercise does not help him. Finally he goes to the doctor that finds out his problem: he is pregnant.

Chavez Jr. vs Martinez 2012

In boxing, the road to respect is usually a long one. You put in your time, pay your dues one marginally-more-challenging opponent at a time, and, if you keep winning, ultimately get your shot at the big fight. At least that's how it usually goes. What makes the Sept. 15 middleweight championship bout between Sergio Martinez and Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. so extraordinary is that it completely defies the rules about respect being earned instantly. One minute, this fight fell somewhere between absurdity and atrocity. The next minute, everyone demanded it. And to make things even more unusual, the moment we demanded it, we got it. That doesn't happen very often in boxing.

Agueda Martinez: Our People, Our Country 1977

The film documents the remarkable woman, Doña Agueda Martinez from Medanales, New Mexico and her lifestyle that ran in harmony with nature and reliance on tradition and proven values. The film depicts Agueda Martinez's deep-rooted relationship with both the land and her family. Agueda Martinez is shown farming her fields of green chile, gathering herbs, cooking and talking to her grandchildren and weaving at the loom. Doña Agueda says, I love to weave and I never get tired doing this work. I will weave until the day I can no longer move. Until then Me va hallar bailando en el telar" (You will find me dancing on the loom).

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