Mason 2017

Mason is a short narrative drama with a strong social issue content; focusing on rural, racial, heartland/rust belt concerns, bullying, PFOA toxicity and poverty.

Perry Mason: The Case of the Skin-Deep Scandal 1993

The owner of a cosmetics company is unveiling a new cream which she claims she's been using. She's been keeping her age a secret and now reveals that she's 60 and owes her appearance to the cream. She's later killed and the formula missing. Her husband is arrested and Perry defends him.

Perry Mason: The Case of the Killer Kiss 1993

On the set of a popular daytime soap opera 'Mile High', actress Kris Buckner is being forced off by co-star Mark Stratton. When she says that she'll 'kill him before she leaves the show', she makes herself the prime suspect when Stratton is murdered by someone poisoning him. As an old friend, Perry Mason comes to the help of Kris and agrees to defend her. Meanwhile Ken goes in search of information with the help of fan of the show.

Dave Mason: Live at Sunrise 2002

Documentary - One of the few important classic rock musicians to enjoy career longevity of more than three decades, Dave Mason is a powerful talent. The former member of Traffic is filmed live in 2002 performing an intensely passionate set of his greatest hits, spanning from his debut with Traffic through his acclaimed solo career. Songs include "Let It Go, Let It Flow," "We Just Disagree," and "Feelin' Alright." - Dave Mason, Richard Campbell, John Sambataro

Perry Mason: The Case of the Glass Coffin 1991

David Katz is a world famous magician and he comes to Denver with his group to perform for a charity gala for disabled children. Also there is Perry and Della as all three are supporters of the charity. Kate Ford, an assistant with an arrogant attitude, tells David that she is, from now on, going to do an illusion in which an assistant is raised in a glass coffin only to disappear when the coffin is opened up in the air (while the assistant climbs out before the coffin is raised.) After a one night stand with David, Kate is pregnant and she blackmails David with this. David and his wife Judy can't have children so that comes as a double blow to them. However Kate, with her attitude, creates much hatred at her from the rest of the group. At the gala, the glass coffin is raised but when it opens Kate's dead body falls to the ground - strangled.

2005 George Mason Basketball 2006

Follow the unbelievable success of the 2005-'06 George Mason Patriots men's basketball team through an unprecedented season. From the CAA Championship to their trip to the Final Four, this look back includes interviews with the players and coach Jim Larranaga, as well as unseen footage of the team in action. This exciting sports documentary is hosted by Bill Rohland, the "Voice of the Patriots."

Jackie Mason: Freshly Squeezed 2004

Irascible comedian Jackie Mason debuts his seventh one-man comedy show, "Jackie Mason: Freshly Squeezed." Armed with all-new material, the master funnyman is back on stage in this preview show filmed live in Canada. The show focuses on -- among other things -- terrorism, status symbols, cell-phones, fearless leaders, critics and politics. Jackie is at his best delivering topical humor that can only come from a true master of comedy.

Mason of the Mounted 1932

Canadian Mountie Mason is sent south of the border to look for a horse thief with only a watch chain for evidence. He befriends young Andy and when Calhoun hits Andy, Mason and Calhoun fight. In the scuffle Calhoun's watch with the missing chain is dislodged. Mason then sets out to bring in Calhoun and his gang.

Perry Mason: The Case of the Telltale Talk Show Host 1993

Dr Sheila Carlin is good friends with Della who calls Perry in when she is being pestered by someone. On the theory that it could be somebody that she works with at a radio stations she arranges Perry to be interviewed by Winslow Keene who is also the station's owner. Winslow enrages the rest of the talk show hosts on the station by informing them of changes that he is making to their time slots. That night, Winslow is shot by a hit man hired by someone at the station and Sheila is set up for the murder. She calls in Perry and as usual Perry, Della and Ken swing into action to find out who really did it.

Jackie Mason - a Night at the Opera 2002

Enjoy a front row seat at the comedy event of the year as Jackie Mason, the undisputed King of stand-up comedy, entertains a capacity audience in the stunning surroundings of The Royal Opera House, London.

A Perry Mason Mystery: The Case of the Wicked Wives 1993

Anthony Caruso, an old friend of Perry Mason, comes to Denver on the request of Dee Morrison. She's married to famed photographer David Morrison, who wants to shoot a photo featuring his former models. The tricky thing is that all of his former models are also his former wives. But Dee knows Anthony can convince them to do it which he does. And David shoots them. Later Dee catches David it what appears to be in an inappropriate situation with his assistant. They have an argument and she leaves. Later David is found dead and she's arrested and Anthony defends her. And he suspects it could have been one of the wives

Perry Mason 1957

The cases of master criminal defense attorney Perry Mason and his staff who handled the most difficult of cases in the aid of the innocent.

The New Perry Mason 1973

The New Perry Mason is a revival of the long-running hit television series about Erle Stanley Gardner's brilliant defense attorney.

Perry Mason

The origins of American Fiction’s most legendary criminal defense lawyer, Perry Mason, set in 1932 Los Angeles. When the case of the decade breaks down his door, Mason’s relentless pursuit of the truth reveals a fractured city and just maybe, a pathway to redemption for himself.

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