Pulan Visaranai 2 2015

A team of workers at a petroleum plant dies while on holiday when their bus falls into a ravine. A police office discovers that the deaths were not an accident but pre-planned murder. Why did those people die and who plotted their murder?

Pulan Visaaranai 1990

Pulan Visaranai (English: Investigation) is a 1990 Tamil language film directed by R. K. Selvamani. The film features Vijayakanth in lead role. The film, produced by R.Sundar Raj and S.Raveendran,was a blockbuster and was remade in Hindi as Ravan Raaj: A True Story. The character of the antagonist Dharma (played by Anandaraj) is loosely based on the serial killer Auto Shankar.Telugu dubbed version "Police Adhikari" was also successful. Dharma (Anandaraj) is an auto driver who kidnaps young women and is on the payroll of a powerful politician R.R (Radha Ravi). "Honest" Raj (Vijayakanth), a DCP investigating the murder of an MLA, zeroes in on R.R but is suspended by his higher-ups due to political pressure. Few years later, he is brought back when Governor's rule is established and given charge of the investigation into the disappearance of a man whose sister had earlier disappeared. His investigation leads him to Dharma and R.R and then to a private hospital in Bombay.

Pulang 2018

In the 1940s, Malays were world-renowned for their seafaring skills. Being of Bugis descent, they navigated the sea with natural ease and were often the favored seamen for international shipping lines. Othman, a fisherman from a small village in Malacca, leaves his family behind to sail the world, with hopes to return home one day with worldly riches and deserved pride. After decades at sea, however, his low wages as a deckhand leaves him disillusioned. He contemplates returning home to his family but ended up settling down in Liverpool, England. 60 years later, his grandson, Ahmad, journeys halfway across the world in search of his grandfather.

River 2018

On each of two flourishing Moro communities separated by a vast river are two brothers who feel a longing that is beyond the grasp of their content and idyll life. In the end, they seek the river to find their own peace.

Lembing Awang Pulang Ke Dayang 2009

This movie is related to an incident that occurred in Johor. It occurred in 1776 when a man called Awang returned to Parit Raja after more than 3 years abroad to marry his fiancee Dayang. Upon his return, he found out that another man called Bachok had told Dayang of Awang's death and planning to marry her the next day. Awang turned up at the wedding ceremony and using a spear given by Raja Bugis, he speared Bachok in the stomach. Bachok, fatally injured grabbed the spear in his stomach and speared his best man. The man then speared the next man he saw and this was repeated until the 99th person was speared. It was Dayang's father who was protecting Dayang. He did not continue the repeated spearing and died. Awang ran away to Endau and Dayang did not marry another till she died.

Aku Ingin Ibu Pulang 2016

(Jefan Nathanio) has parents who doted on him. namely Bagus (Teuku Rifnu Wikana) and Satri (Nirina Zubir). This happy family is disturbed when dad gets an accident at work. The is confused to find the to pay for treatment of her husband. She steales from her workplace. Upon learning of the deed, is angry with her. The quarrels between and and her mom make her flee from home. must care for his father alone Once wins a race. He is summoned to appear in television shows of Andy F. Noya. In the show he express his desire that his to go home.

Jumping the Broom 2011

Two very different families converge on Martha's Vineyard one weekend for a wedding.

Hans Staden 1999

On the eve of his return to Europe after an extended involuntary stay in 16th-century Brazil, the German sailor Hans Staden is captured by a hostile cannibal Indian tribe. In order to survive he tries to convince the Indians that he is not Portuguese (their enemies) but a friend of the French (their allies), and that his God would be very angry if they were to eat him.

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