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Blue Bloods

This is a New York City crime drama series focusing on a multi-generational family of cops that includes the city's police commissioner, his two sons and his retired father.

Year started: 2010
Stars: Donnie Wahlberg  Bridget Moynahan  Will Estes  Len Cariou  Tom Selleck  Amy Carlson  Tony Terraciano  Andrew Terraciano  Sami Gayle  Abigail Hawk  Gregory Jbara  Jerry Todisco  Alex Ziwak  Jennifer Esposito  Robert Clohessy  Marisa Ramirez 
Creators: Mitchell Burgess 
IMDB rating: 7.4

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Across The Universe

The music of the Beatles and the Vietnam War form the backdrop for the romance between an upper-class American girl and a poor Liverpudlian artist.

Released: 2007  Stars: Evan Rachel Wood  Jim Sturgess  Joe Anderson  Dana Fuchs  Martin Luther  T.V. Carpio  Spencer Liff  Lisa Hogg  Nicholas Lumley  Michael Ryan  Angela Mounsey  Erin Elliott  Robert Clohessy  Christopher Tierney  Curtis Holbrook  Director: Julie Taymor  IMDB rating: 7.5 

Man On A Ledge

As a police psychologist works to talk down an ex-con who is threatening to jump from a Manhattan hotel rooftop, the biggest diamond heist ever com...

Released: 2012  Stars: Sam Worthington  Mandy Gonzalez  William Sadler  Barbara Marineau  J. Smith-Cameron  Anthony Mackie  Patrick Collins  Jamie Bell  Genesis Rodriguez  Afton Williamson  Robert Clohessy  Joe Lisi  Candice McKoy  Edward Burns  Johnny Solo  Director: Asger Leth  IMDB rating: 6.6 

My Last Day Without You

On a one-day business trip to New York, a young German business executive falls in love with a singer-songwriter who exposes him to her Brooklyn wo...

Released: 2011  Stars: Nicole Beharie  Reg E. Cathey  Robert Clohessy  Ken Duken  Vanessa Kai  Sharon Wilkins  Marlene Forte  Daniel Abeles  Laith Nakli  Lawrence Saint-Victor  Francis Benhamou  Michael Monteiro  Chris J. Cullen  Maxx Brawer  Nick Nappy  Director: Stefan C. Schaefer  IMDB rating: 5.6