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The Middle

This series is based on the daily mishaps of a married woman and her dysfunctional family as they attempt to survive life in a general sense in the city of Orson, Indiana.

Year started: 2009
Stars: Patricia Heaton  Neil Flynn  Charlie McDermott  Eden Sher  Atticus Shaffer  Chris Kattan 
IMDB rating: 7.4

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Safe Harbor

Doug and Robbie are about to set sail on a long trip when they unexpectedly find themselves foster parenting a group of troubled teenage boys. The ...

Released: 2009  Stars: Treat Williams  Nancy Travis  Reiley McClendon  Myra Turley  Cameron Monaghan  Justin Alston  Orson Bean  Daniel Berilla  John Colton  Pamela Gray  Kim Morgan Greene  Blake Hood  Sam Jones III  Maitland McConnell  Charlie McDermott  Director: Jerry Jameson  IMDB rating: 6.2